Institutional // Committees

The following Specialized Committees, made up of the representatives of the Associated Banks, carry out their activities at ADEBA

Comisión Financial Affairs and Capital Market
It analyzes regulations or legislative initiatives regarding the Capital Market, so that financial institutions can implement them effectively.
Comisión International Affairs
It fosters relations between Argentine banks and international organizations and entities in order to increase financing for Argentine exporters.
Comisión Legal Affairs
It gives advice to the authorities of the Association and the other Technical Committees about regulatory matters of the sector, taking into consideration the applicable laws, case law, and the opinion of specialized jurists.
Comisión Social Security Affairs
In charge of the proper application of the different aspects related to the pension payment procedure established by ANSES (Argentine Social Security Administration).
Comisión Audit
Improvement of internal audits by harmonizing criteria and devising common strategic plans to optimize the function.
Comisión Retail Banking
It analyzes the products and services that the associated banks offer to their customers and promotes adjustments aimed at encouraging financial inclusion.
Comisión Foreign Trade
It evaluates the regulations of the Entities that govern foreign trade and foreign exchange transactions in order to achieve a standardized vision and application.
Comisión Compliance
Adopting a position on the local law that governs the banking business in order to contribute to the observance of both local rules and any such international regulations applicable to the activity.
Comisión Human Resources Manager
This is where the Human Resources Managers of the associated banks analyze human capital management, training, and development.
Comisión Comprehensive Risk Management
It harmonizes criteria regarding the implementation of tools inherent to comprehensive risk management in compliance with the regulations on the matter.
Comisión Taxes
It analyzes federal, provincial, and municipal tax impact on the banking business and the proper implementation of regulations on the matter.
Comisión Accounting and Reporting Standards
It evaluates and interprets the accounting standards and rules of the BCRA and the Profession so as to ensure correct and consistent application by the Associated Banks.
Comisión Operations
It implements the operating regulations of the associate banks, especially those transactions concerning funds and treasury movements.
Comisión Organization and IT
Its duty is the analysis and evaluation of IT innovations.
Comisión Prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing
It examines the PML/TF regulations and cooperates with domestic and multinational organizations and entities in the strengthening of the Argentine Financial System.
Comisión Small and Medium-Sized Companies (PyMEs for its acronym in Spanish)
It promotes access of small and medium-sized businesses to credit facilities, and maintains a close relationship with governmental agencies and chambers of commerce.
Comisión Credit Risk
It analyzes the BCRA regulations on the matter, suggests improvements of, and adjustments to, the legal provisions currently in force, and assesses the risks inherent in the granting of loans.
Comisión Banking Security
It analyzes the degree of efficiency of banking security measures, and promotes new technologies to reduce the typical risks of the banking and/or financial activity.
Comisión Sustainable Finance Committee
Its mission is to contribute to continuous enhancement and the development of solutions to face the environmental and social challenges, through innovation and improved banking practices.