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Created in 1972 as “Asociación de Bancos Argentinos” (Association of Argentine Banks), ADEBA was refounded in April 2003 as an association of Argentine-capital banks on the initiative of local banks, with the understanding that a modern and vigorous banking system constitutes an essential factor for the implementation of a growth strategy.

Our mission is to promote the sustainable development of the country, and of the Argentine banking system through financial inclusion, within a context of competition on an equal footing, and in compliance with good practices.

Our goals

Sustainable development of the country and the Argentine banking system
  • Supporting the development of Argentina as ADEBA’s primary goal.
  • Increasing the level of financial inclusion in the country.
  • Reasonable and efficient management of financial institutions.
  • Additional first-rate financial services for individuals and businesses.
  • Better job opportunities for bank employees and workers.
  • Adequate returns for shareholders.
  • Providing financial services to unbanked sectors.
Competition on an equal footing
  • Competition among the different banks and other financial service providers
  • Comparable financial services should receive the same regulatory and tax treatment, regardless of the provider’s characteristics.
Good practices
  • Adopting international standards and good practices in the management of institutions.
  • An open and honest relationship with regulatory authorities and supervisors.
  • Integration into the international financial system.

Associate members

Asociados Honorarios

Javier Bolzico